Making a comeback!

I have been thinking about making a new blog for quite a while now, my old blog Lilybobombs had become somewhere I wasn’t happy to be, I lost my momentum over a year ago and I just couldn’t seem to get myself back on track. I played around with the  idea of just renaming it and carrying on with blogging from there but I have been so unwell mentally and physically for the last year that I realise now that I just needed a fresh start.

Not very long ago I lost my beautiful cousin, having no idea she was struggling, it has made me realise I have to look after myself both mentally and physically, I have stopped avoiding my doctor and I am making positive steps forward in my life to ensure my story doesn’t end, blogging is part of my story! I may be dyslexic and not the greatest writer on the net but I love doing it and it is a great place to vent and get my thoughts out of my head.

So I give you The Science Of My Life, the name is because well I love everything about science and its about my life and well I really liked it so I went with it.

I want to give you an Idea of what to expect from my blog moving forward so you can decide if it is a place you want to keep visiting.


Something new to my blogging will be recipes, I have been really unwell this year with my IBS and possibly Gall Bladder and have been recommended to reduce the amount of fat I am intaking in my food, as this is something that as soon as I have it, I am in agony in a very short space of time, so I am trying out loads of low fat recipes to find ones that aren’t full of a tonne of artificial sugars or that taste of cardboard. My main aim is to find foods that don’t make me constantly ill, they may be useful to some people out there and all will be headed Recipe: so you can just ignore these ones if they aren’t your thing. I will also be posting non healthy recipes, I love cooking and cook for my family.


I love to knit, I want to try my hand at sewing and making things and I am up cycling lots of furniture so I would like to include these things in my blog too. Again they will be headed Craft: so you can decide if it is of interest to you or not.


I want to post much more about my mental and physical health, they will mostly be about Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, they will not be intended as advice to others but more of a way for me to track my progress and maybe help others to understand how these conditions cause chaos in our lives. These will be headed Health:


I will still be posting about plus size fashion as it is something I love and it is something that helped me to build confidence and love myself. These will be headed Fashion:

I have spent much of the last year in my Pj’s and I am sick to death of them to be honest. I officially start at university next week so I will likely include posts about that and other parts of my life too.

Hopefully less of this and more actual clothing!

Mhairi x


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