Welcome to my new blog!

I was previously blogging over at Lilybobombslovelylumps.com but I felt I had lost my mojo, or maybe I have outgrown it, I am not sure but creating a new blog seemed like the right thing to do.

As of October 2015 I am officially a mature university student, studying Animal Behaviour, this blog will include posts about my life, studies, health and my fashion.

My mental health and physical health lost its way for the last year but I am trying to get back on track so I may include posts about how I am dealing with it and what is helping me, this is in no way meant to be advice for other people but more of a way of me tracking my progress.

I also have to go on a very low fat diet, not to lose weight but to stop my major stomach aches and IBS so I may include recipe posts about any meals I make that turn out to have some flavour and not taste like cardboard.